Why perform fluid flushes on your vehicle?

Brake fluid – Every one knows the importance of his or her breaks. They literary save our lives every time we go somewhere in the car. That’s why it is critical that we maintain the entire system. Brake fluid is very prone to moisture and particle contamination. This can cause a soft pedal as well as damage to other components of the brake system such as master cylinder, calipers, and brake lines. Repairs to these components on vehicles with ABS braking system can range from $500 to over $1000. Have your brake fluid checked regularly and change it any time it becomes contaminated.
Coolant fluid – is used to keep your engine within acceptable operating temperatures while you are driving. It is critical, yet often ignored component until there is a problem. What are the problems that can occur with your coolant system? Whenever fluids come in contact with metal, electrochemical degradation takes place. This results in a higher than normal level of acid in the fluid which if left unchanged, can cause problems with your radiator, heater core, water pump, head gaskets and heater hoses.

It is recommended that your coolant be changed every 30k miles. The cost to replace a water pump, heater core or radiator generally ranges from $500 to over $1000. Most coolant flushes range from $100-$150. As you can see, it is much less expensive to do the recommend maintenance than get hit with several. Very large repair bills.

Power steering fluid – Like coolant turns black due to heat and electrochemical degradation during use, once this process begins, the fluid loses many of the properties necessary to insure the proper operation of your power steering system. Deposits will begin to form in various parts of your system such as the power steering pump and the rack and pinion. This can cause leaks, stiffness or system failures over time.

At Ray & Dana’s, we use a BG Power steering machine that is designed by the fluid manufacture. This machine flushes the complete system of the old fluid, removing sludge and deposits. It then refills the entire system with new fluid and bleeds the air out of the system. This provides your entire power steering system with the fluid properties needed to allow it to operate properly.


Transmission fluid – as you drive your vehicle, the plates and gears within your transmission begin to wear. As they do, they deposit microscopic metal particles into the fluid that is used for lubrication of the transmission. As the fluid becomes contaminated, it begins to lose the lubricating properties that insure proper operation of your transmission. To ensure that your transmission last as long as possible, most vehicle manufacturer recommend that your car’s transmission be serviced every 30,000 miles. We can inspect your ATF to see if you are in need of service and its condition.


Fuel induction cleaning/GTA service – This service will clean the entire fuel system of your vehicle, including: fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel lines, throttle plate, fuel injectors, upper intake, oxygen sensor and the catalytic convertor. This service will get all of the carbon build-up from your fuel system that is created from the gasoline and driving conditions and will increase your engines performance and power.