Why is my check engine light on

“Why is my check engine light on?” It means that the vehicle’s on-board computer has seen or is seeing a problem with the vehicle. The computer stores in its memory a “Trouble Code or codes” that advises the mechanic what part of the engine management system is failing and to troubleshoot.

It can be as minor as a loose gas cap to a problematic situation like your engine misfiring. The average car can have between 40 to 200 “Trouble Codes”. The problem that we face today is that for all these codes there is only one check engine light that will come on.

As the customer, you can have a repair done today only to have the light come back next month for an unrelated problem. While this doesn’t happen often, it is sometimes an unfortunate reality. The one thing you don’t want to do is ignore it.

Whenever a check engine light is repaired at our facility your invoice will show, in detail, the work performed as well as the number and definition of the trouble code repaired. If the light comes back on again in the future this will serve as a record of what was done and as a way for you to determine whether it is the same problem or totally unrelated to the original code.

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