Why Do My Brakes make Noise

Why do my Brakes make Noise? Brakes can make different types of noises.

Let’s go over what some of these are:

Grinding Brake Noise can happen when the Brake Pads are worn out and are cutting into the Brake Rotor.

A loose Brake Pad or defective Brake Hardware can cause a clicking brake noise.

Scraping Brake Noise can result from not having any Brake Pads left and scraping on the Brake Rotor. If one of the Brake Shims comes loose and gets stuck between the Brake Pad and the Brake Rotor can cause this noise too.

Knocking Brake Noise can be due to having outer round or warped Brake Rotors.

If your Brakes are making a lot of noise, they’re trying to tell you something. Not sure if it is time to Replace your Brake Pads or Rotors? call Ray & Dana’s Inman Auto Care to schedule your Free Brake Inspection.