What are the symptoms of a bad timing belt?

A Timing Belt typically doesn’t always give you signs when it is starting to fail or needs replacement. It is not visible due to the fact that it is an internal belt and controls the camshafts in your engine. It doesn’t necessarily have to break in order to cause major engine damage. Even if it slips one notch, would be enough to bend the valves in the engine resulting in costly engine replacement.

Servicing the timing belt is not a cheap part of preventive maintenance, since= the belt is usually difficult to get to and most of the time requires removal of additional components, which would typically get replaced at the same time like the water pump, camshafts seals, drive belts etc.. The cost of the replacement, however, is a lot less than what the repairs may cost if the timing belt fails and you need to replace your engine.

It is a service recommended by the manufactured based on time and mileage as a preventative maintenance service. The recommended service interval varies from manufacturer, however, it ranges from 60,000 miles up to 120,000 miles. Call us now and schedule your service with us at 732-388-4939.